The winding machine is one of the most important machines during the production process. It can be differentiated into some types such as winding machines for coil and foil. Well, each machine has its function. The operator needs to choose a suitable one based on the purpose and production process.

The Winding Machine for Foil Element

One example of the winding machine that is often used in the production process is the foil winding machine for dry-type transformers. This machine is also known as the FHV series. It can be used to process the foils of copper and aluminum. The FHV series also can work well with the winding software. Therefore, it is easy to operate the machine since it is automatically operated by using a program. The winding machine, FHV Series, is designed with some features to enhance the productivity and performance of the machine. It has sliding systems that enable the winding process of the single discs. In addition, the sliding system can change the single discs into the mold. The FHV Series is also designed with precise dancer controls to produce high accuracy, high efficiency, and high quality winding results. The FHV series is also designed with the Automatic Winder Unit to shifts the news disc position automatically. It also has the Automated TIG Welding Unit that can be used for adjusting the welding position of the conductor foils.

foil winding machine

The Benefits of the FHV Series

As mentioned previously that the FHV series has some features in its design. Well, those features give a lot of benefits in terms of the production process. It possesses constant and stable insulation tension. The FHV series is also easy to operate during the pre-calculation of stop points. This winding machine also offers a high precise winding result in the continuous process. So, it will save production time.