A huge percentage of Ukrainian citizens prefer to go to work abroad, and this desire is understandable, because in Europe salaries are significantly higher. However, the family left at home cannot wait for the breadwinner to return, so many are interested in how to send money to Ukraine quickly and safely. Thanks to the Meest company, sending cash to Ukraine has become an extremely simple task.

Why is transferring money to Ukraine profitable and convenient with us?

Meest is an international company from Ukraine, well known to Ukrainians due to its thirty-year presence in the cargo and goods delivery market. A couple of years ago we created a new service for our clients – money transfer. Cooperating with us, the client gets access to the following amenities:

  • fee can be received at land points, such as a bank, and online on a card – recipient can receive funds literally in a few minutes after sending.
  • the exchange rate is much more profitable than that of competitors – you can estimate what the amount received on the recipient’s account will be thanks to the calculator, there are no hidden fees in the system.
  • international payment sent through Perekaz24 is not subject to taxation, and its receipt is not regarded as the recipient’s personal income, therefore it cannot become a reason for cancellation for the subsidy.
  • the commission for the transfer for the first time is not charged at all, in the future it is beneficial for small payments – sending small amounts by bus or through friends is often more expensive.
  • provision of your own family from abroad has never been so safe – thanks to the respectable status of the licensed operator Meest, Perekaz24 services are guaranteed and in a matter of minutes, if you have the slightest problem, you can always contact the hotline.

How to use?

Perekaz24 is a Ukrainian service created for all Ukrainians. Anyone can register in the system – the procedure takes several minutes; the administration does not require any documents or identity cards from a new client. Only the card is subject to verification, but even here everything is extremely simple.

To pay, select the currency of sending and receiving, and also specify the details of the sender and recipient. For your part, you can bind an unlimited number of cards, while the recipient can receive money both on the card and in cash in foreign currency – at any branch of the 35 largest Ukrainian banks. Sending is carried out 24/7, and there is no commission for the first transfer at all – you just have to try and make sure of the convenience!