More than just a stapler and a few reams of paper – choosing the right office supplies for your business goes a long way to creating a smooth running and relaxed working space.

Once you get the essentials sorted out, then the rest of the day can be focussed on what matters- running your business and not chasing your tail.

Get it right from the start.

More Than You Think

When Patricia and Tim Bible were starting their restaurant, they found that they could not get the right supplies that they needed, when they needed them.

Out of this frustration was born Katom – their answer to supplying kitchens and restaurants. Check out – Kitchen and Restaurant Supplies food review and find out how one entrepreneurial couple solved their supply chain problem.

OK, you may not be involved in the restaurant space, but whatever your business sector, you are going to need other business supplies.

business supplies

Saving Money

All businesses have expenses.

Some are more than others. Some, like office supplies can easily start eating a huge chunk out of your budget if you are not too careful.

That is why it is essential to take buying office supplies seriously and get trusted supplies from reliable suppliers.

You will only get this right first time by reading reviews. Leaving it to chance and hoping that you’ll eventually find the best supplier means you’ll waste a lot of your business’ hard-earned money.

When you have done that, then you need to conserve the supplies that you have. Zara Corzine at has some excellent advice on how to reduce waste of office supplies.

Office Management

Having an office manager can be an excellent way to centralise the whole office supply and distribution process.

With one point of contact comes accountability and traceability.

Then you can employ a variety of tips and tricks to manage your office supply inventory.

When all supplies are in one place and access is controlled then you can begin to keep close tabs on usage.

Keep It Simple

You are running a business.

A business is there to make money, and in making money you need to reduce as much as possible all superfluous costs.

Misuse of office supplies is just one way that your business can lose money.

Then other is buying what you do not need.

Always consider carefully both the quality and quantity that you are purchasing.

It is not always necessary to have the best, whitest paper, or the finest pens or every colour of highlighter. Generic brands can be much cheaper

Take it easy. Take stock of what you really need and what you are using these supplies for.

In a digital age, much of the office essentials that we could not do without are now not so essential.

So, dial down the budget and reap the benefits.


There you have it. The three golden rules of office supplies in today’s world.

  1. Review your supplies and supplier
  2. Manage the supply
  3. Buy generic brands